Twin-hull boats of project “GEO-2x”, GEO-23, GEO-24, GEO-25, GEO-26

For the laying seismic cables by investigation profiles the twin-hull boats specially manufactured by JSC SMNG-Center are used; these are able to carry up to 6 km of seismic WPSR cables or 3 km of ULS cables with receivers. At present the company has 10 fully equipped vessels.


These double-hull boats are equipped with all necessary equipment for laying and collection.

At their bows there are specially designed hydraulic winches to quickly and safely help in collecting the streamers.


Technicians’ manual labor consists only in correct installation of streamers and sensors in a special niche of the vessel for further release.

Based on the history of operations, the laying a streamer section with length of 2400 meters takes 15 minutes and its lifting takes about 1 hour.


Receiving lines are laid by discharging the channel into the water by a signal from navigation system.


When lifting the receiving lines used is hydraulic winch that substantially simplifies the task and increases the productivity.

As navigation tools double-hull boats use one of the modules of «Gator» navigation system - Gator NT runs Windows XP operating system.

The module is built in the data distribution circuit.

User interface is very simple.

The following applications are included:

- Navigation of small vessels

- Exploration and placement of equipment (with RFID)

 The minimum requirements to equipment for operations with small vessels.

The following navigation equipment is installed on the double-hull boats:

• DGPS receiver, Saggita-01, with function to receive DGPS corrections;

• Garmin GPS receiver with built-in sounder;

• GPS Compass, Azimuth;

• Tablet navigational PC.

As a result, using all advantages of this equipment operating in differential mode, the double-hull boat can reach the release point with an accuracy of up to half a meter.