“GEO-12” Project source vessel, “ROTAN”

GEO-12 project modular seismic vessel “Rotan” is designed and built by JSC SMNG-Center to work on the ultimate shallow water. Its fully laden draft is only 0.6 meters.

The ship has high pressure compressor DC-10, 220 volt diesel generator. With pneumatic unit having capacity of 586 cubic inches the vessel can operate on profiles at 5 knots. The unit is synchronization is ensured by the BigSHot controller by American company Real Tyme Systems, and precise operation on profiles is guaranteed by integrated navigation system Gator working in differential GPS mode (DGPS) from the source of global differential corrections Veripos. Data telemetry from seismic laboratory is provided by Cisco radio modems.



This vessel has been successfully tested in 2010 and participated in operations on profiles at extremely shallow depths.