Quality control of the Seismic data

Quality control is performed by the geoscientist of the data processing team using ProMAX release 5000 software on the basis of the cumulative data collected throughout a day.

The following minimum scope operations are performed:

• overview of all hardware tests;

• overview and analysis of record (shot record);

• preparation of SPS-files for  the seismic recording system with consideration of obstacles available;

• analysis of SP and RP relative location on the basis of the data processed

• analysis of unwanted signals;

• overview and examination of the operator’s reports in hard copy and electronic form;

• input of the field data to the field processing center computer, geometry application, overview and analysis of shot records on the display  with consideration of geometry, determination of defective and out-of-service channels, reversed polarity channels;

• analysis of SP and RP relative location for each SP (SPS-files) on the basis of the data processed, comparing with design location;

• logging of all field data and works executed and preparation for submission to the Customer for processing.

On-Line quality control of the resulting material

As part of the complex seismic registration complex, Sercel 428XL the company has acquired eSQC Pro software.

eSQC PRO - is a powerful tool that is directly connected via an interface with the seismic modules for data quality control in real time mode, with no delay in operation.

Real seismogram recorded at the ultimate shallow water in 2008 on site Kamenomysskoe Sea.