Navigational Support

As navigation system was chosen a "Gator" complex manufactured by Concept System Ltd. (UK).

This navigation system includes a set of modules that are designed to simplify operations in the transit area and control over large numbers of ships.

Main features:

• Registration of navigation data in accordance with industry standard (output files: UKOOA, SPS, P2/94)

• Synchronizing excitation on sections

• Marine navigation

• Interface and control of onboard sensors

• Source positioning

• Receivers Positioning

• Centralized remote control

• Advanced quality control tools

• On-line control of the situation of all ships Party

Navigational support radio telemetry

In operation the navigator must have access to all navigation systems of ships.

For these purposes, a system based on high-tech radio modems CISCO 1300BR which is integrated in the “GATOR” PNL has been created.