UTV BV-206 “LOS”

This utility terrain vehicle is used to tow the Display Control for work on the ultimate shallow waters (from 0-1 meters), for which it is provided with compressor DC-2. Method of work: Start-Stop.

General description of UTV BV-206 “LOS”, description of equipment and specifications:

Engine: Mercedes-Benz, 3 l. turbo diesel, power 136 hp

Transmission Daimler-Benz W4A-040 5-speed automatic

Torque divider Hagglunds 2-geared, high gear 1.28:1, red. gear 2.11:1

Brake system Hydraulic disc

Generator / Battery V 100 A -2 units

Slope overcoming 100% (45 deg)

Temperature range from -40 to 46 degrees C, heating and ventilation systems

Fuel tank 160l + 2 cans of 20 liters

Ground Pressure Front TC - 11.8 kPa, Rear TC - 13.8 kPa

Range 330 km

Steering Hydraulically assisted servo steering

Caterpillar track Reinforced with stamped cord 0.6 m, 4 tracks with the special drive wheels  

Body material Reinforced fibro-plastic with foam insulation

Loaded weight Front - 2740 kg, rear - 1760 kg

Load capacity Front - 630 kg, rear - 1610 kg