Utility Terrain Vehicle ARGO Avenger 8x8 with trailer

UTV ARGO Avenger 8x8 is an 8-wheel all-wheel drive amphibious utility terrain vehicle with overhead valve V-twin Kohler Aegis LH 690 liquid cooled engine with displacement of 674 cm3, power of 26 hp, electronic ignition and electric starter.


      - Rawhide III 25" tires with an aggressive tread pattern and reinforced cleats;

      - All-wheel drive for optimum performance while overcoming difficult terrain;

      - Ergonomic control with one steering lever;

      - CVT + increased forward gear; reduced forward gear, neutral and reverse;

      - Very large front and rear overhang angles for easy obstacles overcoming;

      - Innovative design and space to carry six passengers or 521 kg of cargo by land.