Our success rests on:

-  25 plus years experience in processing and interpretation of onshore and offshore 2D and 3D seismic data for Russian and international clients: Gazprom, Yukos, Rosneft, Statoil, Amoco, BHP, BGR, Total etc.

-  High performance hardware.

- Processing software from Landmark, Paradigm and Tsunami the world’s leaders in software development.

Data Processing and Interpretation Center:

۰ 740   CPU   IBM System iDataPlex

۰ Linux Cluster

۰ 150 TB Disk Space

۰ Пиковая производительность 14 Tflps

۰ DLT, Ultrium

۰ IBM 3480 tape

۰ IBM 3590 tape       

۰ IBM 3592 tape

۰ Color and B/W plotters


An extremely complex overburden in the Northern Russian offshore and West Siberia calls for applying long- and short-period statics.

SMNG has computed 2D and 3D refraction and residual  statics using  ProMax-SeisSpase  software.

Stack before statics (Obskaya Bay)

Stack after refraction and residual statics

Noise Editing

- Time - Frequency Domain Editing

- Signal Noise Adaptive Processing

- F-XY Median Noise Removal 

-   ……

Before Noise attenuation

After Signal/Noise Adaptive Subtruction

Ground Roll  Noise  Attenuation

Term Move Out Including Anisotropy  (Eta) Analysis

                                    2-term  move out
                                ETA Analysis
                                      3-term move out

High Resolution Radon

Stack without Radon Demultiple

Stack after High Resolution Radon Demultiple

Deep Water Bottom Demultiple


Stack before SRME
After SRME

Residual Multiple Attenuation

Stack after Radon
Stack Radon + Residual Multiple Attenuation

Pre Stack Depth Migration




Paleochannels (Caspian Sea)              

Pre-Stack Time Migration



In the presence of lateral velocity heterogeneity, with or without structural complexity, many of traditional seismic processing assumptions are invalid

Vint-Depth Velocity Model




As a consequence, correct imaging and geologic risk assessment can only be provided by Pre Stack Depth Imaging

Pre-Stack Depth Migration