About us

Joint Stock Company SMNG-Centre is a geophysical contractor rendering a wide range of services including seismic acquisition, up-to-date data processing and geological interpretation of well and seismic data.

The main activity of SMNG-Centre includes:

1. Acquisition of 2D and 3D seismic data in deep, shallow waters and transition zones using bottom recording equipment.

2. Seismic processing of 2D/3D data.

3. Integrated interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data.

SMNG-Centre was established in 1996 and currently maintains a staff of highly skilled professionals with more than 25 years working experience.  

Company’s headquarters is located in Moscow where its administrative management is based. An additional office is situated in Mytischi (Moscow region) where a High-power computer centre equipped with IBM System x iDataPlex (14 Tflps peak performance), IBM System Storage DS3512 (144 ТB disc storage) and Interpretation department are located.  

SMNG-Centre owns a fleet comprising shallow water vessels and catamarans capable of 2D/3D marine operations as well as necessary geophysical and navigation equipment, QC system (Sercel, Concept System Ltd., Landmark etc.).   

Our specialists have a vast working experience both in the zones of extreme shallow water and in the sea-shore transition zone.


During marine operations a great attention is paid to safety control, health and environment protection. SMNG-Centre strictly observes environmental procedures and recommendations prescribed by international and environmental organizations.

Modern hi-tech processing tools in combination with the software of worldwide leaders of exploration and production sector such as Paradigm, Tsunami, Landmark allow to solve successfully geological tasks of any complexity.  

Personnel of the company works with a great enthusiasm continuously improving its qualification and introducing the latest advances and developments. It also takes part in Russian and international exhibitions and seminars.